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About Us


To achieve an equitable and inclusive ski program.  We will strive to ensure that all members of the club feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. We want all staff and athlete to value diversity and to demonstrate respect for others.

Mission Statement

To support and inspired athletes to succeed  

To provide an environment where all athletes, parents, and other members of the ski club are welcomed and respected;

Core Values

Respect, inclusion, culture, success


What is the LSDA? Lake Superior Division - Alpine is the regional sport administrative body for alpine ski racing. It joins three other Divisions within Ontario (National Capital Division, Northern Ontario Division and Alpine Ontario South) to work together as Alpine Ontario to coordinate alpine ski racing in the province. Together, this group represents over 50 ski clubs, 5,000 racers, and 30,000 members. In a given year, more than 3,000 recreational and competitive races will be staged in more than 50 towns and cities across Ontario. Lake Superior Division - Alpine serves the region of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Funds raised support our local aspiring athletes from the grass roots level (Nancy Greene Program) through to the Ontario Ski Team.

There are 3 registered clubs under the LSDA umbrella. PASC - Port Arthur Ski Club, NAC - Norwesters Alpine Club, Ski Haus Senior Circuit - TBSSA.
Our mailing address is Suite 375, 1100-C Memorial Avenue, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7CB 4A3.
The LSDA is funded by the support of its member clubs through athlete program fees, corporate sponsorships and in kind sponsorships, Bingos, the Trillium Foundations, the Cash Calendar and other raffles, the Ski Swap, our Alpine Rendezvous, and various other fundraising initiatives.
In addition to this website, the LSDA has a facebook page where all current social media postings and pictures are being shared.  
Our biggest social event of the year is our Alpine Rendezvous. Its a great event that brings together our ski community for some drinks and gourmet food in support of Alpine Skiing in Thunder Bay

Board of Directors

Alpine Chairman

Tim flye

Vice Chairman

David bradley


Shelagh ducket


allan mihalcin

Club Representatives

Thunder Bay Senior Ski Association (TBSSA)

Patrick Trevisanutto

Port Arthur Ski Club (PASC)

Shelagh Duckett

Norwesters Alpine Club (NAC)

Jim Colquhoun

Sub-Committees for the LSDA

Finance Committee Chair: Allan Mihalcin

Athlete Development Chair: Dave Bradley

Equipment Chair: Jim Colquhoun, Tom Ratz

Coaches Working Committee Chair: Bob Donnelly 

Insurance & Risk Management

More information

Alpine Ontario Insurance Waiver

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