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Lakehead introduces Alpine Ski team

Chris Kowlessar
Sports Editor

Lakehead University is proud to announce the start of a club Alpine Ski team and is looking for anyone interested in trying out. The team will be led by coaches Lauren Lattimer, Dave Bradley.

"The longer a sport system can retain high performing athletes, the better the development system for the developing athletes,” Coach Lattimer said. “We have the opportunity to retain high performing athletes in Thunder Bay and recruit high performing athletes from elsewhere since there are very few university Alpine Ski teams in Canada.”

The Alpine Ski team is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Lakehead’s successful Nordic Ski Program, and Coach Lattimer believes that an Alpine Ski Team would attract former national, provincial, divisional, and club athletes who wish to continue participating in the sport.

“This would allow the skiers to study in a Canadian university and acquire Canadian-recognized university degrees, both of which enhance students’ chances for acceptance into post-graduate studies and employment. As of now, almost all Canadian university-age ski racers head to the USA to get scholarships to race at DIV I and II schools,” Coach Lattimer said.

No other university in Ontario gives students access to high-level training or organized racing at national and FIS levels within a 20 minute drive from the school. Lakehead can also compete fully in the USCSA race series in the American Midwest. Drives to the series’ events are less than eight hours.

The team plans on competitions offered by a variety of organizations, including the United States Collegiate Ski Association. They will be competing in the Midwest Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association in the Lake Superior Division, where 30 to 40 teams participate in the MCSSA. Currently, the University of British Columbia is the only other Canadian University participating in the USCSA.

The team will be training at both Loch Lomond and Mount Baldy, and will utilize existing and new training blocks. To meet liability requirements, athletes would register with all clubs with which they might train.

Students interested in being a part of the Lakehead University Club Alpine Ski Team should contact Head Coach Lauren Lattimer at

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