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Masters Racing: TBSSA and the Ski Haus Senior Circuit

Adult or Masters racing is for skiers of all abilities aged 18 and over. Some racers in the Ski Haus Senior Circuit compete well into their eighties.

For more information and registration contact Rose or Andrew at

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to get back into racing, but don’t know where to start?
The best way to start is to look here for more information and then contact Rose or Andrew, or stop by the Ski Haus and speak with Steve Scollie.

Is there any special equipment required to compete in Masters?
The only requirement, along with the usual ski equipment, is to have an approved race helmet. Soft sided helmets are NOT acceptable for any event in Masters racing. Once you familiarize yourself with Masters racing, you can determine what equipment changes you’d like to make - if any -  to meet your goals.
How would I find out about Masters racing news in Ontario or across Canada?
The best way is to go to the Alpine Canada website—Masters section www.acamastersmail.comand subscribe to our national database.   As an Ontario subscriber you will automatically be emailed any Ontario relevant information, the monthly Ontario Masters newsletter, and any information about Masters racing across Canada.

Do I need a competitor card?
If you are a registered Druxy’s league racer you DO NOT need a competitor card to race in Ontario. You are automatically covered. If however, you’d like to race outside of Ontario in any races you will need to find out what level of competitor card is required for the race you are interested in. Many Masters racers find it easiest to just purchase the annual National competitor card as it covers Masters racing all across Canada. 
If you are NOT a registered Druxy’s league racer you would need to purchase a Regional competitor card IF you intend to enter the Ontario Masters Championships. If you purchase the National competitor card, it is NOT necessary to purchase the Regional competitor card also.
What is the difference between the National competitor card and the FIS Masters competitor card?
There is no difference in the price, but the difference is in the races you can enter in. The National card allows you to enter any Masters race across Canada—including the Canadian Masters Championships. The FIS Masters card allows you to not only enter any Masters race in Canada, but also allows you to enter FIS Masters races internationally. There may be local card registration fees if you are entering races in the US, but these are nominal. To obtain a National card or FIS card for the 2012-2013 season for individual, provincial or national events please visit this page



Athletes must complete the on line MEMBER WAIVER each year in order to compete in any AOA sanctioned event (see SIGN WAIVER button on the homepage). No racer shall complete in any AOA event without this waiver.