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The LSDA through Alpine Ontario works closely with both Alpine Canada Alpin and the Canadian Ski Coaching Federation (CSCF) to ensure our coaches are among the best in Canada. Alpine Ontario is responsible for supporting ski coaches across Ontario in several ways including; hosting an annual coaches conference, hosting CSCF entry level courses, and visiting ski clubs throughout the province. Direct coaches training is conducted by the CSCF. 


Alpine Ontario and AOA ski clubs mandate its coaches are current members of the CSCF/CSIA. Please note if you are a PRIVATE coaches and NOT affiliated with an AOA recognized club, then you are NOT covered by the Canadian Ski Association (ACA) third party liability insurance coverage OR the CSIA/CSCF third party liability insurance coverage policies. 


The AOA Coaches Conference is an annual 2-day seminar in the fall featuring expert speakers in the sport of alpine ski racing including; sport psychologists, CAST/OST coaches, physiotherapists, safety, and fitness. In recent years over 120 coaches have attended the conference.


AOA hosts over 15 CSCF Level 1 Coaching Clinics each winter. Details on these courses can be found on the CSCF pages in this section and on the CSCF website Please note the CSCF mandates that coaches participating in the CSCF courses must wear helmets. Registration for CSCF courses is done online on 


The Building our Future Athlete Development Model is designed to ensure the LSDA team programs and member clubs are utilizing Canadian Ski Coaches Federation qualified coaches. Coaching development within Thunder Bay is a very important function of the Program Director and the Coaches Working Committee. 


Coaches should become familiar with the Related Documents here, including the AIM2WIN Alpine Canada Long Term Athlete Development Plan; the NCCP website; CAC (Coaches Association of Canada), the CAO (Coaches Association of Ontario) and the Code of Ethics.

Athlete Committees

LSDA participates in Alpine Ontario's committees to manage the sport of Alpine Ski racing in Ontario. All efforts are made to post and keep minutes from the committee meetings - Please check the Alpine Ontario web site for the minutes to these meetings

Presently Alpine Ontario hosts the following Coaching Committee meetings throughout the year:
  • U12
  • U14
  • U16
  • U18/FIS
Committee Objectives

To provide guidance, leadership and clarity to all of our  racers within the province.

U14: To provide guidance, leadership and clarity to all of our 12-13 year old Individual racers within the province. Also, to determine criteria and selection to provincial, national and international alpine ski racing events.

U16: To provide guidance, leadership and clarity to all of our 14-15 year old individual racers within the province. Also, to determine criteria and selection to provincial, national and international alpine ski racing events.

: To provide guidance, leadership and clarity to all of our 16 - 17 year old racers within the province. Also, to determine criteria and selection to provincial, national and international alpine ski racing events.

Become a Coach

Ontario Entry Level Coach Certification Program


Entry Level Certification Pathway
What to expect on the course
Course Details
3 Day Schedule
Course Evaluation and Skiing Standards
Retest Evaluation Information
Contact Information


The Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) with its partners educates skiers to lead and develop excellence in ski coaching. The CSCF and Alpine Ontario encourage elite skiers to join the exciting world of ski coaching and create a quality experience for ski racers from the grass roots to elite national athletes. 
Entry Level coaches work with athletes 12 years old and under at the “Skier Essentials” stage of development in the long term skier development module. Entry Level coaches work under the direction of a more experienced certified coach. The Entry Level pathway is designed to provide coaches with knowledge and skills necessary to meet participant needs at this stage of development


  • You will improve your skiing abilities in long and short turns
  • You will be introduced to the Snowstars skill development program
  • You will learn about the Canadian sport system for Alpine Skiing
  • You will complete the national coach certification programs (NCCP), Plan a Practice and Making Ethical Decisions models


AGE RESTRICTION:  Candidates must be 15 years old by the first day of the course

REGISTRATION:   The 3 Ontario Entry Level Coach Course Schedule and registration system can be found by clicking here or visiting

COURSE FEES:    $360+HST *** This course fee does NOT include the cost of lift     tickets for the 3 day course. Candidates will be instructed to purchase lift tickets at a special rate after they check-in with the course leader the first morning of their course. Lift ticket prices will vary at different locations but are on average $30-35 per day. Reciprocal lift ticket privileges will not be honored for course candidates at any club.

EPREP MODULE: Candidates must complete the on-line Entry Level ePrep module and successfully complete the multiple choice test with a minimum of 75%. Candidates will gain access to this module immediately after they register for the entry level coaching course. Please note that candidates will use the email address they register for the course with to gain access to the ePrep module. Click here for direct link to the ePrep module and more information on the application.

COURSE LENGTH:  The Entry Level coaching course is 3 days in total. Candidates must attend 100% of indoor and on-snow sessions. Lateness or absence for any part of the course is unacceptable. Candidates will not be granted entry level coach trained status until all learning modules are complete.

EQUIPMENT:  For best results candidates are encouraged to complete the entry level coaching course with appropriate and suitable ski equipment. Old and outdated equipment can seriously limit skiing skills and could result in poor evaluation results.

  • Skis: Properly tuned short radius or slalom skis that turn with ease and that the candidate feels comfortable on.   
  • Boots: Comfortable and fitted specific to each candidate needs to promote maximum flexion and centralized balance.   
  • Poles:  Straight poles, appropriate in length, absolutely no poles guards.   
  • Helmet: MANDATORY

Entry Level Coaching Course 3 Day Schedule:

Time frames are approximate subject to weather and conditions

Day 1 & 2

8:30    Registration (Day 1 only)
9:00    On-snow learning module
11:00  Lunch
12:00  On-snow learning module
2:30    Break
3:00    Indoor learning module
5-5:30 End of Day

Day 3

9:00    On-snow learning module
11:00  Lunch
12:00  On-snow learning module
2:00    Break
3-3:30 Evaluation results presented

Course Evaluation and Skiing Standards

The three day course consists of an ongoing skiing evaluation of three criteria; short turns (less than slalom), long turns (less than GS) and demonstration of snowstar skills all performed on moderate terrain. Candidates must meet the skiing standards required by the CSCF to successfully achieve the entry level coach trained status. Candidates will receive feedback on their skiing skills daily and receive tools and techniques to help align their skiing abilities with the technical standards required of the entry level course.

Retest Evaluation Information

A candidate that is unsuccessful meeting the skiing standards on the entry level coaching course is given the opportunity to attend a retest evaluation. The retest evaluation is one day and is delivered by a CSCF entry level facilitator. To register for a retest please contact Alpine Ontario directly. Retests are available on day 2 of every scheduled entry level course. There is a retest fee of $75. This fee does not include lift ticket costs. There must be a minimum of 30 days between the entry level course and the retest evaluation to allow for sufficient time for the candidate to improve their skills. There is no limit as to the number of times a candidate can attend a retest evaluation.

Candidates must fax or email a copy of their original entry level course evaluation to Alpine Ontario to complete the registration process. If a candidate is unable to produce their original evaluation they will be evaluated on all three skiing criteria on the retest day.

Contact Information

LSDA Program Director / Head Coach Bob Donnelly

Entry Level Coaching Course Registration and Schedule –

Course Registration/ Payment Support - Alpine Ontario – Kylie Rains -

Phone: 705-444-5111 ext. 110 Fax: 705-444-5116

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